There's no two events exactly the same,
it requires specifications based on size of
the venue, theme, capacity and nature of event.

To ensure quality and avoid last minute call,
Grandpearl will develop technical specs applicable
to your event based on given event details,
besides, in actual event, rates
doesn't matter, all ears and eyes are pointing to
one direction...proper execution!

Send us details, and we can provide you with an
accurate price based on specifications needed.

* The dimensions and construction of the venue
   [estimate size will be accepted, please indicate if
    indoor or outdoor, hotel, theater, auditorium,
    covered court, bars, etc].

* Expected total number of people attending
    the event. [including participants, capacity of
    the venue]

* The type of sound you require/nature of event
    [corporate event, fashion show, trade show,
   acoustic, program, stageplay, AVP, pipe-in music].

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